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FAQs: Making Matters x Levi's Digital Residency Open Call

FAQs: Making Matters x Levi's Digital Residency Open Call Levi's Haus

Levi's Haus

12 August 2021

 We've put together some FAQs that we hope are helpful for any individuals or collectives interested in applying to our Making Matters x Levi's Digital Residency.

We look forward to seeing your submissions! 

Do EU-based applicants need to be fashion designers or have experience in fashion and retail?

Not necessarily. We are looking for an interdisciplinary designer or collective who has been developing ideas and designs around material transformation and sustainable practice. This can mean a focus on objects, craft, product, print, artwork, installation or garments. We encourage collectives and individuals who are interested in experimental and innovative ways of working with materials that expresses circular systems in design.  


How much is the fee for the designer?

£8,015 based on 35 full days using the day rate set by the Artists Union Rates of England of £229.85 for a practitioner with 3 years’ experience.


Does the designer fee include VAT?

No. Once appointed and contracted with Levi’s, the designers should invoice Levi’s and include the VAT on top of this fee.


What do you mean by post-consumer materials?
Levi’s has a stock of faulty returned items from customers that is stored in a warehouse in the UK. We refer to these as the back catalogue. This will form the materials that the selected designers will work with and transform for showcase in the Levi’s Haus in London. The details of how much and what will be discussed with Levi’s and the EU and UK-based designers, once appointed.


Do the applications have to include a final design concept?

No. It’s fine if you describe how you would approach the project process and experimentation rather than having a final concept at this stage. We expect this to be a collaborative process and the project ideas to iterate and evolve during the residency.


How will the collaboration work if we are not able to travel?

This is a digital first collaboration whereby the EU designer and UK designer will work together on a virtual platform and exchange their ideas and designs via online workshops. The UK designer will be the ‘eyes and ears on the ground’ in the UK and share their knowledge of the Levi’s Haus space, the back catalogue and the process of making with the EU designer in whatever digital format best suits the collaborators.


Why is there a limit to the number of years professional experience?
We are looking for young and emerging practices or collectives for this collaboration. The criteria for EU-based applicants is that they must have a minimum of 3 years’ professional experience. 

What resources and support will be available by the British Council and Levi’s?

There will be a producer within Levi’s’ team who will facilitate early discussions and support with the project process, including coordinating logistics, access to the Levi’s Haus store, the archive and the back catalogue as well as production of the final showcase.  

To apply for this opportunity you can head here, deadline for submissions is the 18th August.