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Surface Tension exhibition DesignTO festival

Surface Tension, Domestic Sea Collection by Unit Lab © Unit Lab

© Unit Lab

Surface Tension, Domestic Sea Collection by Unit Lab
New Spring Miami by Studio Swine  © Studio Swine

© Studio Swine

New Spring Miami by Studio Swine

17 January 2019

We're excited to collaborate with the DesignTO Canada's leading design festival happening from January 18 to 27 in Toronto through our International Biennales and Festivals fund. DesignTO will present a talk by art collective Studio Swine, and show a collection by design studio Unit Lab in connection with their ‘Surface Tension’ exhibition about water.


Surface Tension’ is a group exhibition exploring the theme of water from material, aesthetic, cultural, political, poetic, and ecological perspectives. It seeks to engage a range of topics integral to thinking about water in its broadest senses.

Unit Lab is a design studio based in London, founded by Cindy Strobach and Mike Vanis. Together they design products and installations that make science relevant on a personal level, taking it out of the lab and bringing it into our daily routines. In the ‘Surface Tension’ exhibition they work is presented alongside Karen Miranda Abel, Atelier Mey, Douglas Coupland, Julie Gladstone, Robert Hengeveld, Colin Hill, Lisa Hirmer, Eva Kolcze, Lisa Myers, Polymetis and Eli Schwanz.

Visiting information

18 January - 3 March 2019
Artport Gallery, Harbourfront Centre,
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto
Free admission


In connection with the exhibition ‘Surface Tension’, Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami of the internationally acclaimed Studio Swine will discuss their work using water, demonstrating how combining water conservation with art engages the public with water scarcity and creates a connection to something commonly overlooked.

“Water infrastructure is often hidden, flowing in pipes behind our walls and beneath our feet, from distant reservoirs and aquifers to waste processing plants. Where it comes from and where it goes is out of sight out of mind. Historically this wasn’t the case. With aqueducts and fountains delivering water into cities, a synthesis of engineering and fine art gave water a symbolic significance as a source of life and central to urban life.”

Following the talk, leading architecture and design writer Catherine Osborne (former Editor of Azure Magazine) will host a Q&A with Groves and Murakami.

Event details

Friday 25 January 2019, 7:30-9:00pm
Studio Theatre, Harbourfront Centre,
235 Queens Quay West, Toronto
Visit the DesignTO website for detailed information and to book tickets.



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