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Film: Lat Khat Than exhibition, Myanmar

25 September 2018

As part of our Crafting Futures programme this film captures experiences and learning points from the participants of the Lat Khat Than exhibition and panel discussion that happend earlier this year in Myanmar.

With the aims of contributing to the sustainable development of Myanmar’s traditional weaving sector and strengthening collaboration between weaving vocational school and business, the Lat Khat Than exhibition and panel discussion was held at Saunders Weaving and Vocational Institute in Amarapura from 24 to 28 February 2018. 

Historians, cultural specialists, weaving school teachers and individuals from weaving and silk textile businesses participated in the panel discussions held over the first two days. The students and teachers from Saunders Weaving and Vocational Institute and textile businesspeople attended the forum, and participants discussed possible solutions to the challenges facing the traditional textiles of Myanmar.

Ten textile businesspeople presented the best natural dyed products and acheik (“100 shuttles” hand-woven silk material) fabric products from Amarapura, while weaving institute students learned about the textile business environment.