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Fashion Revolutionaries: Paraa

23 April 2018
by Kendall Robbins

As part of Fashion Revolution  Week, 23 – 29 April 2018, the British Council have commissioned a series of 7 short films profiling the innovative stories of 7 practitioners across the world, including fashion designers, artists, architects and entrepreneurs. The films have been created in the spirit of the grassroots movement, using content produced by the practitioners themselves and directed by Kate Cox and produced by The Smalls

Dhaka-based Bangladeshi architecture and design studio Paraa demonstrate through their film that making a change in the fashion system isn't just a role that should be left to fashion designers. Through their practice, they work with marginalised communities, including garment workers and craftspeople, to look at improving well-being and livelihoods through the built environment. 


Paraa is a design and architecture studio, focusing on enhancing spaces with the communities in Bangladesh through multi-disciplinary practice.

Our vision is to create a commercially-sustainable architectural, design and planning practice, which aims to:

A) Establish a ‘School of Thought’ out of Paraa’s on-going practice and research (advocacy, training, communications, research and study)

B) Respond to each community’s rights and aspirations by researching their traditional architecture, living standards, social and environmental conditions.

C) Gain and share knowledge of the built and natural environment in Bangladesh by bridging communities of developed and developing societies.

D) Encourage knowledge exchange through modern technology as well as developing innovative and participatory methods of engagement.