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10X10: Kelly Anna

19 September 2017
by Kelly Anna

Design Connections 10x10 will return this year on Tuesday 19 September, showcasing a selection of the best emerging design talent in the UK. We caught up with speaker Kelly Anna to find out more about her practice. 

Hello Kelly, please tell us about yourself...
I am a freelance artist and print designer currently based in South London. I work in print design, graphics and illustration for a variety of different clients, while also continuously developing my own brand and working on lots of collaborations.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am currently working on something fun with one of my favourite brands! I can't say yet but it's going to be incredible! Something I've always dreamed of. Other than that, I am currently working on my very first pop up shop for next year!

What impact do you hope to see through your work and why is design important?
We live in a world now where everyone is so connected and there are so many mixed messages being flown about online. I am currently studying the impact of social media on young people, really trying to learn about the obvious effect it's having on the youth. I'm learning that a lot of young people are suffering increased anxiety. This doesn't surprise me at all. I can't imagine having to grow up with it through high school. The internet can be an incredible source of inspiration and a means for creating a business for yourself etc, but the other side can be incredibly dark and exhausting. So I really want to try and make sure that I'm portraying positive, powerful messages. This is why design is so important because you can approach different issues with a bit of humour and a light-hearted approach.

Tell us about something you’ve seen that’s inspired you recently?
I recently went to the Matisse exhibition at the RCA. He is one of my ultimate faves and it was just incredible to see his inner thoughts and workings. I really relate to him as he loved to work in lots of different mediums. While studying I was often told that people need to understand your "style". However, I feel this can be really restraining to creative development.
I think there is so much strength in bouncing from one medium to another, It makes it so fun and experimental! Which is what it's all about for me. If you are having fun, you will naturally find your voice!

To hear more about Kelly's work, join us at 7pm on the 19 September on Facebook as we livestream the whole of Design Connections 10x10 from Second Home.