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New British Inventors at Seoul Design Festival

New British Inventors at Seoul Design Festival © Layer

© Layer

9 March 2017

In partnership with Seoul Design Festival, the British Council presents a selection of work and contributions from New British Inventors between 10 and 11 March 2017.

As part of UK/Korea 2017-18, a UK season in Korea to celebrate and showcase the UK’s innovation and excellence in the arts and creative industries, the British Council has collaborated with Seoul Design Festival to present innovative design being produced in the UK.

Under our New British Inventors programme, Benjamin Hubert of Layer will present a series of talks focusing on his approach to innovation in design, focusing on some of Layer's key projects including their Go/ Made-to-measure wheelchair created by 3D printing technology, Scale/Sustainable partition design, and Change Box/New approach to charity collection box.

For further details of these events and the full programme (in Korean), visit the festival's website.