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Open Call: Ukrainian Design Forum

Open Call: Ukrainian Design Forum

20 July 2017
by Niamh Tuft

An open call has been launched for speakers and workshop trainers for the Ukrainian Design Forum 'Design for Ukraine: From Design Thinking to Design Doing', taking place in Kyiv, September 14 - 15 2017.

The forum will be the second last in the series of National Cultural Forums that are organised by the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme which supports the cultural and creative sectors’ contribution to sustainable humanitarian, social and economic development in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The aim is to introduce the transformative power of design as a sector that is a source of growth and jobs, as well as a method for other areas of life to be more innovative and competitive. Through design thinking, the Forum aims to bring cultural and creative professionals and entrepreneurs to the centre stage of Ukraine’s socio-economic development.

The forum will address the key issues around developing the design in a structured and comprehensive way, including skills development, business development and creating a supporting ecosystem. It will include keynote speeches, panel discussions, showcasing local examples and practical workshops on design thinking and its practical application. The aims of the Forum:

  • Raise general awareness about cultural and creative sectors and their social and economic contribution to sustainable development and innovation potential, and build trust and strengthen cooperation between different stakeholders.
  • Introduce key cultural and creative developments and trends and share European Union experience in developing cultural and creative sectors, and highlight good practices from Eastern Partnership countries and showcase successful examples to a wider audience.
  • Support local and national policy development initiatives in cultural and creative sectors and propose policy recommendations to develop favourable conditions for design sector development in Ukraine.
  • Raise the awareness of Ukrainian stakeholders about the role of design and creativity in socio-economic development.
  • Provide capacity-building for both the designers and design users.

There will be up to 135 participants at the forum, including representatives of cultural and creative sectors (including design professionals from different sub-sectors), policy-makers from different levels of government, and entrepreneurs. The open call seeks:

  • 5-6 expert speakers on design, design thinking and linking design with other areas
  • 2-3 workshop trainers on practical design and design thinking competencies

For more information and to apply visit the EU Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme website