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 © Simon Landrein

© Simon Landrein

50 Years Brasilia Anniversary poster design © Studio Rejane Dal Bello

© Studio Rejane Dal Bello

50 Years Brasilia Anniversary poster design


17 February 2017

The second edition of LADFEST took place in Lima between 9 and 11 March 2017.

This year the festival consolidated itself as an important platform for design in the Americas with a strong and solid international presence. The festival featured a number of Peruvian and international designers, including Grand Chamaco (Mx), Malika Favre (Fr), Futura (Mx), Pentagram - Natasha Jen (US/Tw), Martina flower (Ar/De), Bond (Fl), Wolf (Br), Mario Esquenazi (Ar), Mororoa (Uy), Vallée Duhamel (Ca), Alexander Neumann (Pe), Javier Jaén (Sp) and Elliot Tupac (Pe). This year also marked the start of the LAD Awards 2017, which received over 500 entries from 17 countries across Latin America.

For the first time, the British Council collaborated with LADFEST inviting UK-based designers Rejane Dal Bello and Simon Landrein to share their work and to take the chance to network with other designers from the region.

This is one of the first activities co-organised by ADF in Peru since the recent reopening of the British Council office in Lima and following a scoping visit by our Senior Programme Manager, João Guarantani, in 2016. 

For more information on LADFEST and the full programme, visit the festival website.