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OPPORTUNITY: International Design Competition

OPPORTUNITY: International Design Competition  © Design Montréal

© Design Montréal

18 November 2016
by Monique Ricketts

The Ville de Montréal (City of Montreal, Qc, Canada) is launching an international competition for the design of worksite information modules.

Upgrading of underground infrastructure, development of streets and new parks as well as construction and restoration of major buildings etc.are all situations requiring the establishment of urban worksites; these significant transformations in the workings of cities aim at long-term enhancement of the quality of the living environment as well as the cities’ overall attractiveness. Though these transitions are essential steps in the renewal of cities for the 21st century, worksites of this nature are disruptive both to the economic activities of business communities and to the daily lives of citizens.

This competition invites members of the international design community to reflect on the topic of the worksite information module as a mitigation tool and communications platform to assist users in understanding the construction/rehabilitation work in progress. The purpose of the modules is to mitigate the adverse impacts of worksites on the quality of life of residents and the economic vitality of surrounding areas.

This design competition is of international scope and held in two stages: the first involving anonymous proposals and the second involving service offerings submitted by a maximum of four finalists chosen by a jury.

The Competition in figures (Canadian dollars):

  • $10,000 for each finalist to develop their idea
  • $47,000 for the winner to complete the project
  • $50,000 for the prototypes

How to Enter

  • Eligibility: Any Designer with two (2) years of professional experience, or any Firm or Team that includes at least one Designer with two (2) years of professional experience, is eligible to enter Stage 1 of the competition. Anonymous proposals are welcome from all countries. For full details on eligibility, including what Design Montréal consdier to be a designer, please visit their webite here.
  • Submission of a proposal is Free.
  • Deadline for anonymous Proposals: December 1, 2016 before noon EST

Visit Design Montréal's website here for more information and to submit a proposal.