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Building, Beauty and Society at Architecture Fringe 2016

Building, Beauty and Society at Architecture Fringe 2016 The Bathos, William Hogarth

The Bathos, William Hogarth

27 June 2016
by Alastair Donald

Organised by the Foundation for Architecture Education, this series of public debates tackles key questions on the role of architecture and the architect. The series takes place on the afternoon of Saturday 2 July as part of the Architecture Fringe 2016, an independent, contributor-led series of events and projects that will explore architecture and how it makes a difference to our lives. 

Values: Building, Beauty & Society comprises three talks, each of which will explore the values driving those working in the discipline today. Was it a mistake for the architect to think of their art as a profession? Are the academic’s claims for architecture’s autonomy any better than the desire to liberate the poor and disposed by new activists’ practices? Can the idea of architecture as a humanistic activity be reasserted?

Questions related to what drives the architect and what is architecture have engaged the passions of the profession since its birth. At certain moments in history the answers have been clear. But today these issues are highly contested. Architects find themselves gathered into camps, each with some idea of the defining feature of the discipline, but frustrated by the lack of space in which to produce great work. For some architecture is about meeting human and social needs, for others it is about excellence in building. There are also those who argue that architecture is at its core an artistic or aesthetic enterprise concerned with more than the simple appearance of things.

The AE Foundation debates create a space to explore the values driving some of the most interesting emerging international practices of today.

Separate sessions will explore Building, Beauty and Society.  The speakers include Angela Deuber (ADA, Switzerland), Adrien Verscheure (Baukunst, Belgium), Andrea Zanderigo (Baukuh, Italy) and Lee Ivett (Baxendale, United Kingdom). The chairs are Penny Lewis, Samuel Penn and Rowan Mackinnon-Pryde

Date:  Saturday 02 July 2016 | Doors open 13:45 - 17:30

Venue: Top Floor, Evolution House, Edinburgh College of Art, 78 Westport, Edinburgh EH1 2LE

Tickets: Admission is £5 and tickets are available from the Foundation for Architecture Education

Supporters: Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom; Architecture Fringe 2016; Reiach & Hall Architects

Architecture Fringe 2016

In Scotland 2016 is the Year of Innovation, Architecture & Design. Set to have its first run in July 2016, the Architecture Fringe took inspiration from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and creates a platform that is completely open for contributor-led creative responses to the built environment.

Initiated by a group of architects, photographers, engineers, visual artists, curators and musicians the Architecture Fringe is an independent, contributor-led series of events and projects across the arts. This first year will see new artistic work, events, exhibitions, talks, environmental installations, community self-builds, a summer school and a new small-town festival across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Farr in Strathnairn and Beith, North Ayrshire. For full details please visit the website Architecture Fringe 2016