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Drawing Matter Summer Workshop

Drawing Matter Summer Workshop Walter Pichler (1936-2012), Study sketch, untitled. Pen and ink on wove paper, 279 x 235 mm

Walter Pichler (1936-2012), Study sketch, untitled. Pen and ink on wove paper, 279 x 235 mm

24 June 2016
by Alastair Donald

This week long drawing workshop which takes place at Shatwell in Somerset is prompted by a question: why draw? what happens? And why bother to look at the drawings of other architects?

During the workshop participants' time will be spent drawing, and looking intensely at how others have drawn in the past, a reminder that as our perception changes through time so, too, does our means of representation. Participants will also engage in a range of speculative projects, working with the surrounding landscapes and material within the Drawings Collection. The Collection includes a vast range of work by famous and obscure architects, designers, draughtsman and artists from the 16th century until today, including original sketchbooks, sketch material and models by Alvaro Siza, Superstudio and James Gowan. Participants will have the opportunity to study these drawings first hand and use the drawings as active participants in the discussions.

The workshop will take place in the farmyard at Shatwell, part of a valley landscape being drawn and redrawn by its different architects and artists on paper, in models and as built structures. This ongoing project includes aborted schemes by Cedric Price, built projects by Skene Catling de la Pena, Peter Smithson, Alvaro Siza, Hugh Strange and Stephen Taylor, and projected new buildings by Florian Beigel and Clancy Moore: their presence lies at the heart of the drawing workshop.

The programmed events will also include a day in Bath, following the itinerary of Peter Smithson’s Bath: walks within the walls, and an early evening visit to Stourhead gardens. On the final afternoon there will be an informal presentation of the workshops collective production, hosted by the Hauser and Wirth gallery and arts centre in Bruton. The event will be open to the public and include a small group of invited guests – architects, artists and journalists – who will review our progress.  

Dates: Sunday 14th August until Saturday 20th August 2016.  There will be a maximum of 10 participants. 

Cost: cost per participant is £225 and includes very basic accommodation in twin units, transport during the course, full catering and all drawing materials. 

Applications:  Applications are to be submitted no later than 1st July.  Applicants must include a single drawing or other representation and a brief statement of interest or a short text describing the chosen image. This application will be acknowledged on receipt, and formal invitations, including the detailed programme, will be sent to participants by 8th July. Submit applications to

For more information on the Drawing Matter collection, and its approach to architectural drawings, see