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WeTalk Fashion with Bonaveri

Noble in “Michelangelo” Quarry…. Back To The Roots of Art of Sculpture by Bonaveri

21 January 2016

For the second year, Bonaveri is our official sponsor for Next in Line and exclusive mannequin supplier for the 5th International Fashion Showcase: Fashion Utopias at Somerset house, London. This year they will also sponsor the Curator Award during the Prize Ceremony on the 21st February. We talk to Bonveri to gain some insight behind their work. 

Bonaveri is the world leading manufacturer of high quality mannequins. The ability to combine manufacturing excellence with visionary research on forms and shapes has allowed Bonaveri to participate in and influence the birth, definition and growth of the fashion industry in Italy and around the world. 

Can you tell us what makes Bonaveri mannequins so unique?

Our genesis is the key. We have a sculpting atelier at our premises in Renazzo di Cento in Italy where we give shape to figures and research the limits and values of the formal evolution of bodies. the DNA of Bonaveri is all about the ability to define new aesthetic limits, to investigate the meaning of beauty. At the same time, our mannequins have to perform at best their technical function; to be able to suit at best the clothes they wear, to be able to be eclectic and adapt to different styles and needs. It looks easy because it is very difficult!


Bonaveri does a lot of work supporting emerging designers through the Bonaveri for Talents initiative, can you tell us a bit more about this?

Young talents are our target. We invest in explaining the value of mannequins to keep them very informed when it comes to choosing a mannequin. Therefore, we have developed a programme of initiatives devoted to new talents in a few different fields-fashion designers, visual merchandisers and retail managers- to provide them with a better knowledge of what mannequins are for. We have also devoted a lot of effort to assisting young fashion designers by providing them with mannequins to help them on their career paths. Our support of programmes like the International Fashion Showcase and also Vogue Talents is important to us as it mean we can educate young talent in the importance of using mannequins within their specialised fields.


You collaborated with Lee Roach to launch your new Noble mannequin at London Collections Men in September, which was a really exciting project. What did you most enjoy about working with Lee to showcase the Noble collection?

We jumped at the chance! Lee wanted a static presentation for his SS16 collection and we had a new male mannequin NOBLE to launch- the perfect combination. It provided a unique opportunity for both of us-designers tend to use real life models and we are more used to dealing with visual merchandisers so it was an interesting experiment.


Can you tell us about a project or collaboration that you are particularly excited about in 2016?

We are about to launch a new project with Istituto Marangoni in Milan. The project involves students in fashion styling and photography. Students in fashion styling will research new fashion trends and will then showcase these trends using our busts forms as display tools. Their work will become an installation in our BONAVERIMILANO showroom and will be documented step-by-step with photos and videos taken by students in photography. Everything will happen during February and we are considering creating an event inviting press and clients to see their work. It’s another way for Bonaveri to continue supporting, giving visibility and creating opportunities to new talents.