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The Sirius

The Sirius Designer: The Sirius, Photographer: ALICE SCHILLACI

Designer: The Sirius, Photographer: ALICE SCHILLACI

21 January 2016

The Sirius is an international based brand started by a graduate of the Samsung Art and Design Institute. The brand was create by Younchan Chung in 2015, who was one of the 24 selected designer of the H&M Design awards 2015, and won first prize on Ceci Joongang-design contest.

The Sirius's collection pieces are a vision inspired by current contemporary culture. With a high-end fashion focus, attention is given to exquisite detail and high-quality fabric and materials. The collection includes silhouettes and style from menswear, but the brand focus remains on creating a unisex-collection. 

The Sirius is showing as part of the International Fashion Showcase 2017, to find out more, click here.

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