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Anna Kujawska

Anna Kujawska Designer: Anna Kujawska, Photographer: Marta Pera

Designer: Anna Kujawska, Photographer: Marta Pera

21 January 2016

Anna Kujawska is currently in her last year of studying at the School of Form, Fashion Design department in Poznań. Her works have been presented in Goethe Institut in Warsaw. She is interested in combining traditional craft with modern design, looking at traditional techniques not only as a part of history but trying to find new way of using and presenting these elements. An important part of the design process is research into humanities, including anthropology. Her graduate collection is based on traditional macrame techniques used to create lace, made of alternative material and combined with shapes not traditionally associated with lace.

Anna Kujawska is showing as part of the International Fashion Showcase 2017, to find out more, click here

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