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Zuzana Serbák

Zuzana Serbák Designer: Zuzana Serbák, Photographer: Gergely Nemeth

Designer: Zuzana Serbák, Photographer: Gergely Nemeth

20 January 2016

Zuzana Németh Serbáková is a footwear designer from Slovakia. She graduated from the Arts Architecture and Design College in Prague with Master degree in Footwear design in 2010. She completed a design internship within Last Shoes in London in 2008, and then worked for Roberto Del Carlo in Italy (2011-2013) as shoe designer. Along with commercial works, started her own line of womens footwear as Zuzana Serbak, also making handmade shoes for individual customers. Her shoes were exhibited in Brooklyn Museum New York, International Shoe Museum Vigevano in Italy and Grassi Museum of Applied Arts in Germany.

Zuzana Serbák is showing as part of the International Fashion Showcase 2017, to find out more, click here.

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