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Silvia Zrebna

Silvia Zrebna Designer: Silvia Zrebna, Photographer: Lubos Kotlar

Designer: Silvia Zrebna, Photographer: Lubos Kotlar

20 January 2016

Silvia Frohlich Zrebná studies at the Fashion design studio at AFAD in Bratislava. She has also a degree from The College of Fashion Design Prague. During her studies she took part in various exhibitions, competitions and artistic projects. Since 2015, she has been selling clothing and fashion accessories in Slávica design shop in Bratislava. She took part in the Bratislava Fashion Days 2016, Fashion Week in Košice 2015 and won the first prize at Talent design competition 2013 in the Fashion design category. In Prague she also worked as a personal stylist and throughout her studies she participated in many fashion shows.

Silvia Zrebna is showing as part of the International Fashion Showcase 2017, to find out more, click here.

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