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Reem Jano

Reem Jano Designer: Reem Jano

Designer: Reem Jano

19 January 2016

Reem Jano’s journey in to Jewellery began in 2011 as she sought to expand her creativity by studying jewellery design and making at the prestigious 'Azza Fahmy Design Studio' (AFDS). She considers her pieces to be an extension of her background as an interior architect and project manager. Reem continues to draw inspiration from art, fashion, geometry and details. In 2014, her work was chosen for an extended showing at the Gemstone Museum in Germany through their 'Mineral Art' competition. Transforming raw material into wearable pieces that come alive through her a cultural vision has been Reem’s true passion.

Reem Jano is showing as part of the International Fashion Showcase 2017, to find out more, click here.