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MEÜS Designer: MEÜS

Designer: MEÜS

19 January 2016

Sofia Contreras started in Guatemala and continued her preperation at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, fashion department. Sofía worked with Belgian designer Christian Wijnants and studied with textile artist Anita Evenepoel.

In Guatemala, Sofia works on freelance shoe, textile and accessory design. She is the founder and creative director of MEÜS working on new fashion design proposal, textile experimentation and education, collaborating constantly with fellow designers, artisans and artist. Recent events include: Mercedes-Benz-Fashion Guatemala, 2015, London IFS 2016, Simbiótica, Guatemala and at the Ibero-American Design Biennial, Madrid,  2016.

MEÜS is showing as part of the International Fashion Showcase 2017, to find out more, click here.

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