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How is design responding to an ageing population?

How is design responding to an ageing population? © DUNCAN FITZSIMONS


8 December 2016
by Ria Hawthorn

Uscreates have been appointed to carry out research to map best practice in the UK in the field of design for disability and design for an ageing population. Tell us about designers already working in this field.

The average age of the UK population is expected to increase significantly over the coming decades and in July 2016 the UK government published a crucial report into the Future of an Ageing Population, the findings of which will shape government policy in years to come.

In the ADF team, we believe that design has the potential to positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of an older population, and in a wider sense, to offer an inclusive design in all aspects of our lives. The first step to supporting work in this area is mapping how designers are already respnding to these challenges. 

uscreates are a design agency specialising in design for health and wellbeing, with expertise in service design, communication design and research.

As part of the research, uscreates would love to hear from you about any exciting research or projects you know of, or amazing people working in design for disability and an ageing society, to include in a publication mapping best practice in the UK to be published next Spring.

We’re looking for work that:
- is UK-led (and may have an international involvement)
- is innovative – i.e. a new idea or solution to a new or old problem
- has potential for impact, or has achieved demonstrable impact
- is inter- or cross-disciplinary

Examples of the types of design we're focusing on:
- Communication and information design
- Products, objects and technology
- Environments (built, interior, virtual)
- Systems and services
- Research

Tell us about the projects you are involved in, or think we should know about here by the 11 January 2016.