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Architecture Competition: Atelier Albania

Architecture Competition: Atelier Albania © Atelier Albania

© Atelier Albania

13 September 2015

'The jubilee of the democracy underlines its presence through the importance of jurisdiction by the means of architecture...'

Atelier Albania, at the request of the Minister of Justice, Ministry of Education and Sports and mandated by the Office of the Prime Minister, has announced a competition for architecture design ideas, through which, it is searching for best design solutions for the rehabilitation and the adaptation of an existing building site that will become the new headquarter site of the Supreme Court and the School of Magistrates.

Through this open call, Atelier Albania, is reaching out to teams composed of at least an architect, landscape architect, construction engineer, estimator, and an architectural heritage specialist. The winning team will be engaged in the next phase, which consists in the preparation of tender documents for the implementation of the New Headquarters of the Supreme Court and the School of Magistrates.

The competition will built on these three tasks:
1. The site plan and landscape design proposal for the competition site pertaining to the open
area/park- school- court- city interconnection.
2. An architecture design proposal for the New Headquarters of the Supreme Court.
3. An architecture design proposal for the School of Magistrates.

Deadline for applications (Phase 1) is 30th September 2015.

For full information visit their competition website

Download the application form here.

For any further enquiries contact: