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Opportunity: XXI Triennale International Exhibition

Opportunity: XXI Triennale International Exhibition  Triennale Milano

Triennale Milano

13 November 2015
by Gian Luca Amadei

Open Call for Architects, Designers, Artisans, Artists, Schools, Regional Organisations, Centres and Companies

La Triennale di Milano is organising its 21st edition for 2016 (2 April–12 September) on the theme of “21st Century. Design After Design”. As a pioneer and precursor in the promotion of the arts and design research, the Triennale has chosen a theme that raises many questions on the meaning of design and its role in a constantly changing world.

The concept incorporates key issues such as the impact of globalization on design, the transformations following the 2008 crisis, and the arrival of the 21st century; the relationship between cities and design; design and accessibility of new information technologies; design research as a circular activity; the art of design and anthropology; and the fundamental questions arising therein. Last but not least, the positioning of design with respect to crafts.

For the occasion, the Triennale di Milano announces an international multidisciplinary call for organisations and practitioners in the fields of applied arts (architecture, design, crafts), visual and performing arts, film, music, fashion from all over the world. The selected proposals (works) will be presented in lectures, digital media, and/or an exhibition. A catalogue of selected works will also be published.

There are three distinct open calls for applying to the XXI Triennale: 

  • Under 35 creative practitioners will need to register their expression of interest by 22 November 2015 and submit their project by 10 January 2016. 
  • Over 35 architects, artists, designers and craftsmen will need to submit their projects by 17 January 2016.
  • Unofficial participants (such as Municipalities, Regional Organisations, Centres, Schools and Companies) will need to submit their project proposals by 20 December 2015.

All the applications must be submitted by registering online on the Triennale website, please follow the procedures and use the relevant registration form available

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