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Travelling into the Future: A panel discussion at the Design Museum

Travelling into the Future: A panel discussion at the Design Museum Philip While

Philip While

21 May 2015
by Matthew Turtle

Travelling into the Future: A panel discussion at the Design Museum

“London exists because of its commercial roots, and work and London go hand in hand. Work – aka career - is why many of us chose, or continue, to live in London.”  According to Patricia Brown, Chair of the London Festival of Architecture, this year’s festival theme of ‘Work in Progress’ offers “a route into exploring the impact of work on our lives and city, and especially the role of its architects and architecture in informing and influencing London’s evolution.”

This lively panel discussion uses the theme of ‘Work in Progress’ to examine travel, including our evolving personal choices and the state of - and aspirations for – the transport systems within our city.  To what extent does how we travel say something about who we are?  What does London’s current transport system say about our city and its prospects? Should we celebrate because new cycle superhighways and Crossrail are on the horizon; or bemoan the fact we still travel at much the same speed as a century ago?Should we plan for slow cities, a low-travel future with homes and businesses close together and telecommuting for to replace longer trips?  Or is the ambition to increase mobility, to travel further and faster still a good thing?

To explore these questions we bring together experienced designers who design for travel in urban environments and the expert knowledge of writers and critics whose longstanding commentary on urban change make them uniquely placed to unpack these themes. Tim Fendley has revolutionized the way we navigate the city through Legible London whilst Sam Pearce promises to radically alter the way we experience cycling through his Loopwheel design. They will be joined by Design Museum director and influential author Deyan Sudjic, in a session chaired by Alastair Donald a researcher on mobility and space and the British Council’s Project Director for the British Pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale.

Date: Tuesday 9 June, 19:00

Venue: Design Museum

Speakers include:

Deyan Sudjic, Director, Design Museum

Sam Pearce, Industrial Designer and Designs of the Year nominee

Tim Fendley, Designer, Legible London

Leo Hollis, author Cities Are Good for You

Chair: Alastair Donald, British Council / Future Cities Project

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