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GRAS' Book Selection

GRAS' Book Selection  MLN Library Icon by Koby Barhad

MLN Library Icon by Koby Barhad

21 June 2015

Stuart and Gunnar from GRAS talk about inspirational books they have added to their Maker Library. 

THE SITE | Piet Hein Eek, 2012

This book is about the importance of creating a good working environment; a place where you are comfortable and feel inspired to be creative. It’s the story of the purchase, relocation and transformation of his factory studio building in Eindhoven. A lot of his work is about reusing and restoring materials for new uses. His inspiration from the past is particularly interesting and relevant to us.

WASSERTÜRME | Becher & Becher, 1980

We have shown the small matchstick models by artist Tim Taylor in our  Maker Library gallery space. Tim's models play homage to the work of this husband and wife team who travelled throughout Europe and North America taking black and white pictures of industrial architecture.

Vladimir Arkhipov and Damon Murray, 2012

This is a really interesting book about artefacts made from everyday objects. The found objects are made by normal people, who are inspired to make something themselves rather than consume manufactured goods. The idea is that DIY is not just about practicality and efficiency but about celebrating the home made object.

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