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Fabien Cappello's Streetscape

Fabien Cappello's Streetscape   Fabien Cappello: Streetscape 2015 cardboard prototypes. Image Fabien Cappello

Fabien Cappello: Streetscape 2015 cardboard prototypes. Image Fabien Cappello

3 June 2015
by Ellie Smith

Yesterday I visited the Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston to see the current exhibition by designer Fabien Cappello. Fabien and I worked together previously on a couple of British Council projects in Lisbon and Korea and I was keen to see his first solo show before it closes next week on 13 June.

The exhibition ‘Streetscape’ is the culmination of his Stanley Picker Design Fellowship during which he researched street furniture and objects around Kingston town centre. He was inspired by the everyday and how we negotiate our urban spaces. As the gallery text explains “Taking into consideration the provenance, uses and contexts of the existing street furniture, he has created a series of prototypes that aim to sit comfortably amongst what is already in situ whilst making an interesting improvement on what was previously there.”

Together we visited the works sited around Kingston, which have been so well received that the Council is considering keeping them situated for longer or even permanently. The exhibition is well worth a visit and if you can’t make it then check out the film, map of locations and essay by Catharine Rossi on the Gallery’s website.

The Stanley Picker Gallery is also currently accepting applications for the next two fellowships (Design and Fine Art) and the deadline is 22 June 2015. Click here to find out more.