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Ioana Ardelean

Ioana Ardelean Ioana Ardelean

Ioana Ardelean

1 February 2015

Ioana Ardelean is an architect and emerging jewellery designer & maker. She showed her first collection – Bare Fabrication, at Autor Contemporary Jewellery Fair in November 2014 and won the Autor Awesome Award in May 2015 with the collection Choreographic. She designs jewellery from the perspective of the architect, inspired by the confines between architecture and choreography, as the dialogue between space and movement. She followed the classes of Assamblage Contemporary Jewellery School in 2013. In October 2015 she attended an intensive class at Alchimia Contemporary School in Florence as the winner of the AAAward.!ioana-ardelean/cjvd