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Fixperts Display at Lodz Design Festival 2014

Fixperts Display at Lodz Design Festival 2014 ©Łòdź Design Festival

©Łòdź Design Festival

26 October 2014

The Maker Library Fixhub at Lodz Design Festival 2014 featured inspiring and practical projects that use fixing to improve a situation. Fixperts was one of them.

Fixperts is a creative social a creative social campaign and design education programme that encourages people who are good at making to reach out and find solutions for people in need of a bit of help. The Fixfilms capture the story of the fix and share it online alongside some of the designs that are made available as open design. Collaborating on insight, Fixpartners help Fixperts refine their solutions by testing prototypes and getting direct feedback. The ingenious solutions on display were part of a growing archive of over 180 projects from 12 countries.

They included an earring tweezer for Denise, a pita holder for Yoav, a sockhorn for Edna and a chopping board for Steve