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Opportunity: The Poundshop Call for Submissions

Opportunity: The Poundshop Call for Submissions The Poundshop

The Poundshop

26 June 2014

The Poundshop has been invited to celebrate the exciting re-opening of 
Au Pont Rouge in St Petersburg, Russia. Au Pont Rouge is a stunning art nouveau landmark in St Petersburg, first built in 1908, and is now being extensively restored, to reopen as a department store that will bring innovative retail and a luxury environment to the city.  We are super thrilled to take part and are now looking for products to come with us for two new Poundshops!

Poundshop 11 – Travel

For shop 11 we are looking for amazing and innovative products that can fit in to the theme of TRAVEL.

This can be in all forms: that important notebook to bring on your trip, warm socks for the plane ride, a small wash bag to fit in hand luggage, wallets for your new currency or a poster of your favourite country! We need items that can fit under the wholesale (what is this?) price of £7. It will be up to you to price your product under that bracket to what you feel fits. If you are chosen your products will be bought at wholesale price from Au Pont Rouge and shipped to Russia to take part in their grand opening of this historic building. This will be a great opportunity to test the Russian market and be part of our very first event at Au Pont Rouge! The Poundshop are NOT taking any commission on your products. Submission fee (payable if successful): 

£10 for products priced under £3
£20 for products priced £3.01- £7

Poundshop 12 – Christmas 

For Christmas we will be setting 12 themes that you will be able to submit within. We have also set the price bracket slightly higher, wholesale price (what is this?) should now fit under £15.The 12 themes are:

1. Christmas cards 
2. Decorations for the office 
3. Decorations for your home and your Christmas tree 

4. Stocking Fillers 
5. Gift wrapping supplies
6. Present for her 
7. Presents for him 
8. Presents for kids 
9. Presents for pets 
10. Cookware 
11. Dinnerware 
12. The Morning After 

If you get chosen your products will be bought at wholesale price from Au Pont Rouge and shipped to Russia to celebrate a magical Christmas in St Petersburg!The Poundshop are NOT taking any commission on your products.Submission fee (payable if successful): 

£15 for products priced under £3
£30 for products priced £3.01- £7
£40 for products priced £7.01 – £15

You are of course more then welcome to submit to both shops, and please feel free to email us if you have any questions.


If selected your products must be ready to ship on 1st September 2014

It must be a desirable, durable, value for money object.

Your product must have a function as well as being an attractive / well-designed object.

Cards and posters are great, but we only take on a few of them and are mostly looking for other items.

You are welcome to enter as many products as you like. The more the merrier! However to cover admin costs there is a maximum of three products per submission fee.

We will be mainly accepting £1 – £3 products.

It can be any size, cheap doesn’t have to mean small.

Would you buy your own product? If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t expect others to.

For past product ideas please see our pinterest.


Please post a prototype to:

The Poundshop, 
Sara Melin and George Wu, 
Chocolate Factory,
Unit G5,
Farleigh place, 
N16 7SX

(Please put our names on the parcel it makes it so much easier in case we have to go and get it at the post office!) If you prefer to hand deliver you prototype please come by on to the above address 1st July during these time slots: 
10-11am or 5-6.30pm.

Please note that we are only accepting submissions via prototypes. Feel free to send us sketches early on if you have questions. Prototypes will need to be picked up after, if you would like these posted please enclose a SAE.

Successful products will be notified by 8th July.

For any other questions don’t hesitate to ask! Good luck we are very much looking forward receiving your products! Au Pont Rouge Website