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Opportunity: Chief Curator Wanted for 2015 UABB

Opportunity: Chief Curator Wanted for 2015 UABB

20 June 2014

Dated from 2005, Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture (Hong Kong has been invited since 2007, and it was renamed as Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture, “UABB” in short) is the only urban\urbanism-themed international biennale in the world. It facilitates communication and discusses of urbanism and urban problems.

Ever since the first biennale, Shenzhen Biennale has been innovative and open. The first Shenzhen Biennale was curated by the globally influential architect Yung Ho Chang under the theme “City: Open Door!”, and laid the foundation for the Biennale's multi-disciplinary urban life discussion strategy; The second biennale invited Hong Kong, established a new bi-city interactive biennale model, and discussed urban architecture life cycle and reutilizing strategies under the theme “City Expiration and Regeneration”; The “City Mobilization”-themed third biennale extended its coverage of professions and invited artists to curate; The fourth biennale increased curator nationalities, invited the best professionals in the world, and improved the exhibition's quality under the theme “Architecture creates cities. Cities create architecture.” In the fifth biennale, Shenzhen and Hong Kong collected curatorial plans together under the theme “Urban Border” and integrated the exhibition as a public education platform not only for professionals, but also for the public.

2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen) will continue and further strengthen the fixed theme orientation “Urbanism and Urbanization”. The 2015 chief curator position is open to applicants from all the relevant industries around the world.

The Chief Curator of UABB(Shenzhen) should:

1.  Possess a general knowledge of Shenzhen/China in the aspect of city development, urbanization, etc

2. Have a professional background of Urban Planning, Urban Design, Landscape, Architecture.

3. Have achievement and influence in the architecture/arts field and society

4. Have both exhibition curatorial experience internationally and in China;

5. Be professional and innovative

6. Own abundant integrated resources, (e.g., capability to invite top professionals, well-established relationships with sponsors/press, etc.)

7. Establish a team to work with the biennale committee office in regards to exhibition coordination, promotion, publication, related administrative affairs, etc.

To submit the application:

(1) Log on to the official UABB website to download the “INVITATION FOR CHIEF CURATOR OF 2015 URBANISM﹨ARCHITECTURE BI-CITY BIENNALE (SHENZHEN)” and "Curator Application Form” or contact the Organizing Committee Office for related documents.

(2) Please submit all application materials to the Organizing Committee before August 18th 2014.

To obtain relevant documents and information about UABB, please contact:
Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture Organizing Committee Office


[Download: "Curator Application Form"]