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D4 Paper: Social Design

29 January 2014

The ADF Papers explore new directions in British architecture, design and fashion. Series 4 features writing from Shumi Bose, Jocelyn Bailey and Lou Stoppard. 

In our fourth Design paper Jocelyn Bailey explores how designers engage with social issues and considers why this approach has become so prevalent in the UK now. It includes case studies of work by Design Council. Design 4 Social Change, Design Against Crime Research Centre, Uscreates and NHS Birmingham. Jocelyn Bailey is a consultant at BOP Consulting, a Visiting Scholar at the V&A and previously led
the manufacturing, design and innovation team at Westminster think tank Policy Connect.

You can read and print Paper D4: Social Design here

You can also access here the related Series 4 papers F4: Fashion as Installation and A4: Architecture and Drawing. The ongoing ADF Papers series is designed by Axel Feldman at objectif