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ADF Papers Series 4

ADF Papers Series 4 © objectif

© objectif

29 January 2014
by Hannah Burgess

We are pleased to announce the fourth series of ADF Papers exploring new directions in British architecture, design and fashion.

The ADF Papers are an ongoing series that sees the Architecture, Design and Fashion department engage with experts in the sector to consider key issues relevant to contemporary practice in the UK. Each paper includes an introduction, case studies, examples of recent projects and links for further information. Through commissioning of the papers we share our understanding of new ideas in British design with our colleagues overseas, as well as design professionals abroad and in the UK to spark ideas for future projects.

Series 4 features writing from Shumi Bose on the revival of drawing in architecture, Jocelyn Bailey explores an increased engagement with social design, and Lou Stoppard discusses new trends in experimental fashion installation.

Case studies include Hussein Chalayan, Aitor Throup, Bart Hess, Alex Noble and Iris van Herpen & SHOWstudio; Nigel Coates, Fiona Scott, Liam O'Connor and the Paper Salon; Design Council, Design 4 Social Change, Design Against Crime Research Centre and Uscreates and NHS Birmingham.

Series four continues to be designed by Axel Feldman at objectif. Each feature a pictogram developed from a case-study image within, creating a unique visual identity for each of the papers. They are printed on Colorplan paper by GF Smith.

You can also downloaded digital copies of the papers from the links below:
A4: Architecture and Drawing by Shumi Bose
D4: Social Design by Jocelyn Bailey 
F4: Fashion as Installation by Lou Stoppard

As always we are keen to hear your thoughts on the papers so comments, feedback and ideas for future areas of research are welcome.

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