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Nau Nuhu

Nau Nuhu Nahuja Nuhu. Photograph by Andrew Hives.

Nahuja Nuhu. Photograph by Andrew Hives.

3 February 2014
by Sophie Mepham

Established in 2013, Nau Nuhu was created with the idea of using artwork as the inspiration to produce creative designs for sophisticated and ambitious women who are bold and unafraid to express themselves through fashion. As a painter, Nahuja’s artwork guides the direction of her collection and her research and study feed her desire to perfect her craft. The profit from her upcoming sales will buy desks and art equipment for the students in Tanzania who need support.

Stockist: Naunuhu boutique
Mtaa wa Kongo, store number #22
NaneNane, Njiro, Arusha
Iheartz Collections, at Arusha Masai cafe, Sanawari, Arusha

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