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Nakadhalika-NK Rehma Chachage. Photograph by Jarrtan Naphta.

Rehma Chachage. Photograph by Jarrtan Naphta.

3 February 2014
by Sophie Mepham

'What matters in a dress is the woman who is wearing it’  – NaKadhalika-NK (Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania) embraces the female form with an exquisite African touch, each garment wrapping around each woman’s body finds expressions of inner beauty, sexuality and boldness. For NaKadhalika-NK, “each piece is more than a garment, rather an extension of inner emotions, expression of confidence and a statement of who we are – that in each woman there is a confident and free soul.” Using colorful African and universal fabrics, creates fusion, converging the African persona with a modern twist.

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