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Jacqueline Kibacha

Jacqueline Kibacha Jacqueline Kibacha. Photograph by SimonMorris.

Jacqueline Kibacha. Photograph by SimonMorris.

3 February 2014
by Sophie Mepham

Jacqueline Kibacha (London) produces African-inspired jewelry and accessories that tell stories through the opulence of crystals, gemstones, precious metals and their detail and craftsmanship. Kibacha’s inspiration to become a designer came on a trip to Arusha, Tanzania, seeing that the colours and shapes there could translate well into the language of fashion. This fusion of colour and imagination, texture and cultural narrative form the cornerstones of her designs.

Styled by Africa Boutique, London
Cassandra Jewellery, Dar-Es-Salaam

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