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International Fashion Showcase Twitter Tour

Czech Republic - Designer Berky Eliska Kyselkova

Eliska Kyselkova

Czech Republic - Designer Berky
Estonia - Designer Marit Ilison Maiken Staak

Maiken Staak

Estonia - Designer Marit Ilison
Brazil - Designer Barbara Casasola Kim Weston Arnold

Kim Weston Arnold

Brazil - Designer Barbara Casasola
Nigeria - Designer Orange Culture Obi Somto

Obi Somto

Nigeria - Designer Orange Culture
Austria - Designer Femme Maison Sia Kermani

Sia Kermani

Austria - Designer Femme Maison
Portugal - Designer Claudia Garrido Ugo Camera

Ugo Camera

Portugal - Designer Claudia Garrido
Romania - Designer Cristina Sabaiduc Phillip Suddick

Phillip Suddick

Romania - Designer Cristina Sabaiduc

3 February 2014

Join our exclusive tour of the exhibition live from London, via Twitter with Niamh Tuft, Programme Manager of the International Fashion Showcase exhibition. Don't miss this opportunity to get a glimpse into this major exhibition of emerging fashion designers from across the world.

Follow @British_Design (#IFS2014) for the tour on:

 Thursday 13 February 2014

10:00am (UK time)

Are you in China?

You can be part of the tour too. Take a look at the China exhibition's image gallery, curated by Eason Lee (exhibition design by Studio Shift). What would you like to ask the designer or curator? E-mail your question to and we will ask the designer/curator and then reply to you. Highlights will then be shared with you via Weibo.

The designers from China are: Yang Du, Xiao Li, Tianmo Wang, Min Wu, Xue Li, Min Xing, Octavia Yang, Diana Wang.


The International Fashion Showcase is a festival of emerging designers and champions ‘fashion’ as a form of cultural expression. Coinciding with London Fashion Week, nearly 30 foreign embassies and cultural institutes based in London will showcase the work of more than 120 designers - making it the largest exhibition to date - at the International Fashion Showcase. The exhibition at 180 Strand, London, UK, houses fashion work from all over the world. Click here to learn more.