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Ewa Stepnowska

Ewa Stepnowska EwaStepnowska. Photograph by Joanna Wzorek.

EwaStepnowska. Photograph by Joanna Wzorek.

1 February 2014
by Niamh Tuft

Ewa is a graduate of the Fashion Design Faculty at the Warsaw Art Academy. In 2012 she completed an internship at the Marc Jacobs Design Studio in New York and in 2013 her textile samples were presented and sold at the Premiere Vision Trade Show in Paris.

Ewa has received many awards including a Ministry of Science and Higher Education Scholarship for outstanding art achievements in 2013 and a Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Viva!Moda Magazine for best fashion project scholarship in 2014. She is also a winner of a YES special award on the Art&Fashion Festival 2013 and the First award in a student industrial design contest organised by Chris Bangle, former creative director of BMW Design Studio in Munich.

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