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Caoimhe MacNeice

Caoimhe MacNeice Caoimhe MacNeice. Photograph by Johnny MacMillan.

Caoimhe MacNeice. Photograph by Johnny MacMillan.

1 February 2014
by Niamh Tuft

Caoimhe MacNeice is a fashion design graduate from Dublin’s National College of Art and Design. Her degree collection – ‘Warp’ – explores the concept of a misleading online persona; how an identity can be reduced to pixels or squares on a screen. She reduces garments to simple geometric shapes reflecting pixels, and allows the body to warp and transform them from 2D to 3D. By limiting herself to designing clothes using rectangular and square shapes this collection was an experiment in allowing construction to inform the design, as opposed to the design informing how the garment is made. Caoimhe’s SS15 will be stocked in select boutiques from February.

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