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GRAS PROJECT: Himmeli Tensile Structures

GRAS PROJECT: Himmeli Tensile Structures © British Council

© British Council

31 August 2014

Himmeli sculptures are intricate geometric mobiles, originally made in Finland as Christmas ornaments. They are made by cutting tubes and threading them with string to create three-dimensional structures. GRAS scaled up the technique to create a range of stools using copper piping, rope and plywood for the seats. These stools were made in collaboration with Thingking and Workspace during their visit to join the Maker Library Network showcase in Cape Town in February 2015. GRAS has since refined the design and finish of the stools, which were exhibited as Vitra Design Museum Gallery.  

GRAS also ran a workshop experimenting with tensile structures formed from scaffolding poles and rope, intended to explore the potential for this technique in architectural structures. This project was supported by JMD Scaffolding Services, which provided the basic materials and technical advice.



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