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Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition

Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition © City of Helsinki Media Bank

© City of Helsinki Media Bank

28 April 2014
by Cristina Stan

Malcolm Reading Consultants to Manage
Architectural Competition for Proposed
Guggenheim Helsinki

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation announced today that London-based Malcolm Reading Consultants have been appointed to manage the architectural competition for the proposed Guggenheim Helsinki museum. The competition will open on 4 June 2014, and is expected to run for one year.

This is the first time the Foundation has engaged in an open, international competition for the design of a Guggenheim museum. According to Richard Armstrong, Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation, there are multiple reasons the Foundation has decided to take this step: “From our desire to attract the finest architectural thinking from both emerging and established practices to our recognition of Finland’s keen interest in architecture and design—one of the important motivating factors in our desire to create a museum in Helsinki. It is crucial that the competition be managed with unquestioned independence by an international firm of the highest professional standards and expertise.”

“We are delighted to manage this competition for the design of a proposed Guggenheim Helsinki,” said Malcolm Reading, architect and Chairman, Malcolm Reading Consultants. “The site on Helsinki’s historic waterfront has great civic and cultural promise. When combined with the renown of the Guggenheim’s name and mission, I am sure it will inspire the competitors to create distinctive and memorable designs that will resonate with local residents and speak to an international audience.”

Full details of the competition will be announced at the launch on 4 June. To sign up to receive information about the competition, go to