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Exploring Creative Balance at Talks with 100% Design

Image from Design Explore in Morocco

Image from Design Explore in Morocco

6 September 2013
by Lauren McKirdy

British Council Presents: Influential Interruptions


For the second year running we have been invited to participate in Talks with 100% Design to address this years theme of Creative Balance.


Chaired by British Council Design Adviser, Ellie Smith, this session will explore the way in which international cultural (and other) experiences can provide a counterpoint to on-going work and bring valuable input for designers.   Addressing the 100% Design theme of Creative Balance, Benjamin Hubert, Julia Lohmann and Harry Richardson of Committee will discuss how important these moments of development are to a designer and whether these side-step projects result in periods of greater productivity in the long run?


Stop by the auditorium at 12.15 on Thursday 19th September to join Ellie and the panel and share your thoughts about taking productive time out!