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AF Project Space Open Call 2013

AF Project Space Open Call 2013 Moss Your City: An Installation by PUSHAK. Summer 2010

Moss Your City: An Installation by PUSHAK. Summer 2010

3 May 2013
by Kendall Martin-Robbins

The Architecture Foundation has issued its annual international Open Call for innovative independent exhibitions and installations for its central London Project Space. The AF Project Space is intended as an incubator for independent positions and architectural experimentation, and projects selected through the Open Call will punctuate the AF’s ongoing curated programme.

The Open Call programme, competitively selected through a jury process, will give space to individuals or organisations to activate the AF Project Space as a testing ground for modes of exhibition and 1:1 scale spatial experimentation, an open studio, a public residency or other diverse formats.

The Open Call is now an annual part of AF programme; up to two projects will be selected for 2014. We Made That – The Open Office was a project selected through the 2012 Open Call.

Apply now for exhibition slots in Winter and Summer 2014. Application deadline is 5pm, Friday 10 May 2013. Group submissions are welcomed.

The selection board comprises AF Senior staff and an invited Curatorial Advisory Board of architecture, urbanism, art and design experts including Eleanor Fawcett, London Legacy Development Corporation; Moritz Kung, independent curator; Erin Manns, Victoria Miro Gallery; Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian; Finn Williams, Common Office/Croydon Council; and Liam Young, Tomorrow's Thoughts Today.


Download the full brief here


For more information visit the Architecture Foundation's website