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IFS: Panamanian Paradise

Photograph by Agnese Sanvioto

Photograph by Agnese Sanvioto
Photograph by Agnese Sanvioto

Photograph by Agnese Sanvioto

18 February 2013
by Fanny Usher


On an unassuming side street nestled between Green Park and Hyde park sits the Embassy of Panama who are currently showcasing of three of their top emerging young fashion talents. The work, displayed against a contrasting futuristic geometric set, was a perfect representation of Panama today, hot, tropical and glamorous.


With a country seeped in culture and natural beauty it is unsurprising that all three designers turn to this city for their inspiration and you can see the lifestyle is firmly rooted in all of the work here.


Using traditional hand-crafting techniques, Vergara & Vergara Couture and handbag label Butterfly Villa show a high level of skill and craftsmanship that can often be overlooked in todays ever-changing fast-paced world of fashion. They both create all of their pieces from scratch, from original design to end- product and the time and effort is evident in their quality and finish.


Through all of the work there was a very strong feeling of the emergence of the youth, highlighted in particular by Antonio Feuillebois, not formally fashion trained, his fun print based collection gave an essential wild and tropical feeling to the entire event. Creating the warm and vibrant atmosphere of an up-and-coming city like Panama, exciting and fresh, yet rooted with history and tradition.


This exhibition is open until February 19th at the Embassy of Panama.