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IFS: Portugal – Manipulating Surface

IFS: Portugal – Manipulating Surface

17 February 2013
by Fanny Usher

The  Portuguese Embassy, situated in the lavish Belgrave square is the host for their much anticipated International Fashion Showcase. Having to fight through the crowds to get through the main entrance it was clear to see that Portuguese fashion has more than a few London based fans. And it’s easy to see why.


Displayed clearly and elegantly on metal structured framed the carefully selected pieces represent the best of todays Portuguese fashion talent. On entering the main exhibition you are welcomed by Royal College graduate Janis Dellarte’s cool and original jumper design, which is a top made for two people to wear at the same time.  Citing her top three influences to be “Janis Joplin, Cruella DeVille and Frida Kahlo” it is obvious where she gets her fun, brave and experimental approach to Fashion.


Also featured was menswear designer Senhor Prudencio who’s practical fashion approach included a waterproof cape/coat for wearing whilst cycling and printed leather accessories which glow in neon light. In a similar vain was a pair of exceptionally cool light-up heeled platform by Catarina Ferreira, slightly less practical but hugely fun non-the-less


The overall feeling from Portugal brought out a childlike sense of fun grounded with great ideas and beautiful style. The elements of humour in the work were clever and considered, and took the design beyond the level of mere aesthetics. It is refreshing to see people thinking outside the box without losing function or style.