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Textile Futures: Edible Alchemy

Carole Collett flax tableware

Carole Collett flax tableware
Aronia berry wine from Lithuania

Aronia berry wine from Lithuania

12 February 2013
by Kendall Martin-Robbins

Last week the Textile Futures Research Centre held an Edible Alchemy 'Aperolab' event to celebrate material adaptation and resilience.  The event explored the potential of aronia berry and flax, and designer Carole Collet and artist Bartaku presented an alternative vision for the future for these two historic plants.  Guests were invited to construct edible photovoltaic tapas with Bartaku and preview a collection of flax based tableware by Carole Collet.

The tapas were created at a series of stations. We were asked to pick a chocolate, then top it with charcoal and two sticks of lasagne wrapped in edible foil. This was then topped with a jelly of aronia berry. The desired effect? To measure and show the electrical current that can be produced with this combination of foods. This was all washed down with wine made of aronia berries from Lithuania, which has never been brought to the UK before.

We're looking forward to seeing some more great things from the Textile Futures Research Centre, especially following their latest publication Material Futures and the recent launch of FIREup Project, a fashion innovation research and enterprise that brings together academics from the Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE), Designer-Manufacturer Innovation Support Centre (DISC), Design Against Crime Research Centre (DACRC), Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF), Textile Futures Research Centre (TFRC), and Fashion Design Studio (FDS).