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Unfolding exhibition

Unfolding exhibition Equilibrium. Image: Remi Rough for Unfolding

Equilibrium. Image: Remi Rough for Unfolding

21 April 2013
by Evonne Mackenzie

In a few weeks Unfolding will open at the David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech. The show is a collaborative project by six members of the collective Agents of Change, renowned for creating environmental work on a monumental scale. It will be the collective’s first show in Africa and will include a number of outdoor works in the city of Marrakech.


Agents of Change are a collective of 12 artists that create site specific work. Past projects have included the 450m2 mural at the Megaro Hotel in Kings Cross, and in their ground breaking ‘Ghost Village Project’ which transformed an abandoned village on the west coast of Scotland into a living art gallery, with the resulting documentary winning awards and accolades at a number of film festivals.

In developing the exhibition and outdoor works in Marrakech, the artists are collaborating with students and residents in the city throughout the making and creation of the work. You can keep an eye on the work in progress here.