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Venice Takeaway: Housing Futures Double Bill

Venice Takeaway: Housing Futures Double Bill

7 April 2013
by Alastair Donald

The programme of events for Venice Takeaway, currently at RIBA, London, reaches its conclusion on 23 April with a ‘housing futures’ double bill.  These ‘International Exchanges’ feature architects from Buenos Aires and Berlin who will discuss pioneering models of housebuiliding in their respective cities and dicuss wityh a panel how they might be applied in a UK context.  Join us at the RIBA, London on the 23 April.


Fideicomiso! Putting Architecture at the Heart of Housing (6:30 PM)

In Argentina, 'Fideicomiso' enables the development of housing by encouraging groups of people to work together as clients direct with architects. It has been adopted as a business model for developing urban housing, enabling designers to work with multiple investors - often future occupiers of entire residential blocks. So how does Fideicomiso work and could it be applied in the UK? Might it be the best way to create new and original housing, while improving design quality?

Speakers: Sebastian AdamoElias Redstone, Dickon Robinson, David Kohn. Chaired by Alastair Donald.


Internationale Bauausstellung: Berlin and Belfast (7:45 PM)

The IBA in West Berlin was a far-sighted urban renewal project completed in 1987. Started in 1979, it was renowned for its architectural quality and innovative housing types.

With significant works by a roll call of soon-to-be-famous architects it attracted global attention.

What can we learn from the example of Berlin and could an international building exhibition be the best way to deliver better urban design and high-quality architecture in the UK?

Speakers: Jan Kleihues, Declan Hill, Gerry Millar. Chaired by  Vicky Richardson


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