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Venice Takeaway catalogue on sale

Venice Takeaway catalogue on sale

5 October 2012
by Alastair Donald


Venice Takeaway: Ideas to Change British Architecture brings together the research of ten architectural teams exhibiting in the British Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale.


Charting a course that takes in Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, Thailand and the USA, the catalogue presents illustrated essays by the teams who travelled the world to seek imaginative responses to universal issues and explore the common ground of architecture.  In Q & A interviews, the exhibitors explain their motivations, what they set out to discover and how they plan to build on the research they undertook.


In addition, the book features texts by Patrik Schumacher and the show’s curators Vanessa Norwood and Vicky Richardson. In his foreword, Brett Steele, director of the Architectural Association and a member of the British Pavilion Advisory Panel outlines “Venice Takeaway aspires not just to showcase talent from the four nations of the United Kingdom, but to reach beyond display and enter into a realm of debate about architecture itself.”  The book, Steele argues, “is a Baedeker’s guide to new forms of architectural travel and tourism appropriately brought together in Venice, but drawing on an entire world of architectural knowledge, experience and ambition of the most optimistic kind.”


The catalogue is edited by Alastair Donald with assistance from Sarah Handelman, and designed by Melanie Crolla, director of the exhibition designers Born Design. It is published by the Architectural Association.


Published by AA Publications | ISBN 978-1-907896-24-8


208 pages + cover | 170mm x 230mm | colour and b&w photos, illustrations




To order online please visit AA Publications