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IADS: Call for contributions for ANZA #3

Image courtesy Comfort Mosha

Image courtesy Comfort Mosha
Image courtesy Comfort Mosha

Image courtesy Comfort Mosha
Image courtesy Comfort Mosha

Image courtesy Comfort Mosha

28 June 2012
by Dorota Drajewicz


'My City' Discovering East Africa's metropolises


ANZA, the new East African architecture publication, is working on the third edition of the magazine – ‘My City’ Discovering East Africa’s Metropolises. Focusing on cities like Kampala, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Kigali and Bujumbura, this issue aims to discover the specific systems of organisation in the city and will examine how these metropolises influence their inhabitants and vice versa.


ANZA is seeking contributions for issue 3. Contributors are requested to explore the various aspects of the cities. Possible areas of focus may include transport systems (road network and conditions), types and styles of a city’s buildings, the lifestyle of people in terms of social life and business, utilities and services (for example water and electricity), street life or how past, present and future show in the cities.


The team is looking for a wide range of contributions, text as well as images (including photographs, sketches, instructions etc.).


Contributions may fall under any of the sections of the magazine: theme articles, snapshots, images or descriptions of unique places, monuments or sculptures from within the city, interior design (reviews of specific buildings and how they relate to the city), landscape design in relation to the city, travel reports, explorations of different parts of the city or a review of a unique and maybe even largely unknown spot in the city.


Keep an eye out for more information about ANZA as they will be joining us in London to launch issue 3 with a special project for the International Architecture and Design Showcase 2012.


Deadline for the contributions: July 31st 2012

Language: English. Text should be no longer than 2500 words (please include photos and illustrations where necessary).

For more information visit Anza's website

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