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IADS: Urban Sports Pockets

Image: Hamish Park

Image: Hamish Park

10 June 2012

The first of the International Architecture & Design Showcase exhibitions will be opening next week, with a preview evening on Thursday 21 June.


Head down to catch a sneak preview at an intriguing exhibition, examining the gaps left in the urban fabric of Vienna and London where citizens congregate to play impromptu sports.


These spaces have been named as Urban Sport Pockets (USPs). These places of activity facilitate personal expression, collective interaction and colour the city’s urban realm.


Anglo-Austrian Architect Nick Baker and Photographer Hamish Park have compiled this intriguing exhibition exploring London and Vienna’s USPs, investigating their relationship with the surrounding architecture, their national identity and value as incubators of a city’s sporting talent.


The exhibition continues until 7 September 2012, at ACFLondon, 28     Rutland Gate, London.


More info and the invitation can be found here.