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IFS: Showroom Belgium opens TOMORROW!

IFS: Showroom Belgium opens TOMORROW! Belgium Showroom

Belgium Showroom

16 February 2012
by Isabella Redmond Styles

The Antwerp Six brought Belgian style to the attention of the international fashion press and Showroom Belgium is hoping to build on the nation’s reputation for innovative design. Created by the Flanders Fashion Institute, the project, which opens this Friday, will highlight the work of A. Knackfuss, Cedric Jacquemyn, OMSK, and WOLF. by Sofie Claes as well as staging a special installation by Antwerp-based concept store RA.  The Showroom not only provides a platform for up and coming designers to present their work, it will also assist them with sales of their collections and in making contact with international buyers, agents and media.

In order to increase awareness about Belgian fashion further, the organisers will also be distributing books on the subject in a selection of bars, restaurants and department stores throughout London next week so there will be no excuse for not knowing your Demeulemeester from your Margiela.


The Showroom Belgium is taking place from 17th-21st February at the London Fashion Week Exhibition, Somerset House. It can be viewed daily from 11 am. Contact to pre-register.  A video accompanying of the project is available to view here.