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Helsinki Urban Garden - Artist Residency

Helsinki Urban Garden - Artist Residency Studio Scenes (Part 1-4 2011) Image courtesy of Julia Tcharfars

Studio Scenes (Part 1-4 2011) Image courtesy of Julia Tcharfars

16 August 2012
by Dorota Drajewicz

Helsinki Plant Tram
Urban Garden is a participatory project and an imaginative urban garden. The tram will perambulate the city’s transport network picking up passengers who will be invited to donate plants. These plants will then be used to create an ever-evolving garden that will form the centrepiece of the UK’s participation.


British Council has awarded an Artist Residency to Julia Tcharfas, to work with Wayward Plants for a month documenting and extending the Urban Garden story in Helsinki.


In response to Wayward Plants 'Everyday Discoveries' concept, Julia’s project proposal deals with the modern relationship between nature and the man-made environment. Responding to the ideas of the Plant Tram proposal, the artist aims to create a work that explores themes of technology, travel, and nature. This idea, titled Space Algae, will be an interactive public programme made up of storytelling, slideshows, and workshops over the course of the residency.


Currently involved in research about early Space Exploration, Julia is investigating a number of compelling experiments dealing with the relationship between humans, plants, and space travel. Her approach is to test the limits of the human habitat by attempting to create technological replicas of our planet’s natural systems is carried out with scientific purpose and a deep cultural significance.


For the Social Responsibility & Design residency artist proposes developing a series of workshops and talks in spirit with the gardens and the visitors, to provide an engaging discussion during the autumn evenings in Helsinki.


Click here to learn more about Julia Tcharfas and her projects.

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